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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 19, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the same year ford unveiled a car with a body made of soybeans. inventors put their heads together 68 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, july the 19th, 2010. hello, bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> frankly, had i known about that i would have asked the question. >> cbs news man bob schieffer admits he did not know about the black panther justice department controversy. but how is that possible? >> apparently it got very little publicity. >> that's true, cbs news bagged the story entirely. bernie goldberg has some theories on why the mainstream media is afraid to cover the news. >> why the president only asked doj to look at arizona and not everywhere. >> i don't know the answer to that but i will try seek some answer on -- some answer on that. ♪ can't explain. >> bill: government still can't explain why it's suing arizona
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but not suing san francisco. and other sanctuary cities for ignoring federal immigration law juan williams and mary katharine ham will have follow up. >> time to stop holding to washington politics. >> bill: is the republican party in trouble for trying to block extended unemployment benefits? karl rove will handle that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the media, the black panthers, and president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last week, the mainstream media has largely ignored the justice department failing to prosecute black panthers who intimidated voters in philadelphia.
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are a after being exposed, the establishment press is now trying to recover. >> it's not hard to tell when fox news is pushing a story, it shows up hour after hour after hour. and fox is pushing hard on allegations that the justice department dropped the case against a new black panther party because of racial politics. >> bill: pushing the story? well, here is a memo to howard kurtz who works for the "the washington post" in addition to cnn. yesterday howard the ombudsman wrote: so while fox news reported the story responsibly, howard, the "the washington post" did not now regrets it what say you? then cutters inner -- kurtz
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interviewed cbs anchor bob schieffer who didn't ask attorney eric holder about the issue. >> why didn't you ask the justice department allegation the case against the new black panther party was dropped because of racial politics. >> frankly, had i known about that, i would have asked the question. i was on vacation that week. this happened, apparently it got very little publicity, and, you know, i just didn't know about it i mean, you know, god knows everything but i'm not quite that good. >> bill: are you kidding me? mr. schieffer didn't know about the story? where was he vacationing? venus? does mr. schieffer not have a staff? were they all on venus, too? sadly, i believe bob schieffer. he didn't know about the black panther story or the justice department lawyer quitting over it because in his world that's not important. but, believe me, had the klan been intimidating voters, mr. schieffer and cbs news would have been all over it. or am i wrong?
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then howard kurtz went on to ask mr. schieffer this: >> one last point on this black panther case. fox news bill o'reilly making the point that none of the network newscast have covered this story. he says the network newscast not being honest about the news because their agenda is to protect president obama. your thoughts. >> i think the reason there hasn't been much coverage on it there is a question how significant this really is. i think it -- the coverage or lack of coverage has to do with editors' news judgment. it doesn't have anything to do with protecting president obama. >> bill: well, that might be true but the facts raise doubt. according to a pew study last year in few few months in office he received far more favorable media news coverage. if anyone thinks the network news didn't d. not root for barack obama to defeat john mccain? they need a drug test. mr. cutters then asking
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mr. schieffer why he misstated the arizona illegal immigration law in his interview with mr. holder. >> in the interview you also asked eric holder about the new arizona immigration law and you said that police, if they think somebody might be in this country illegally, gives them a right to stop and ask them to produce papers. but that was amended to say that police had to already be in the process of stopping somebody for something else and then asked to produce papers. could you have been more clear on that? >> oh, perhaps. but, you know, i have to tell you, howie. even at the justice department there is an argument about exactly what this law says. >> bill: let me clear it up for you, bob. the law clearly says, clearly, that in order for anyone in arizona to be asked about their nationality, they have to be involved in another police matter. anyone who actually reads the law would know that. even if they are on vacation. now, talking points is not in business to denigrate bob schieffer or howard kurtz but
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apparently there is a growing split about how the news is covered in this country. the old guard mainstream media makes decision based on ideology, race, and elitism. the new media, of which fox news is a part, covers what americans believe is important to them. that's why we are a dominant number one. and i submit we have far more influence than the network news does. believe me, president obama, every senator, every congress person know exactly what we are reporting here, even if bob schieffer does not. this indicates there is a changing of the guard as far as news flow is concerned in the u.s.a. if you want to know what's really happening in america, you have to come here because you will not get it in much of the mainstream media. that being said, "the washington post" ombudsman andrew alexander was gutsy in his admission that the post botched the story there are some very skilled people working in the establishment media problem is, there aren't
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enough of them. and that's the memo. in just two minutes, bernie goldberg will weigh in on the cutters-schieffer interview. newspaper article that has bernie very upset. next, bernie. my doctor told me, as we age... it's harder to build bone density with calcium and vitamin d alone. he recommends citracal plus bone density builder... the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal.
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story, why the establishment media largely ignored the black panther-justice department controversy and is often misstating the arizona illegal alien lawsuit. joining us now from north carolina fox news analyst bernie goldberg. you know, bernie, history has a way in america, if you study us from the beginning, of correcting bad things in the country. i think we are at that point now with the media i think that this bob schieffer, howard kurtz, black panther, justice department, arizona thing has brought to the head a fact that the americans can no longer get the news from their old outlets. they will not get it.
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am i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong. as a matter of fact, ever since i wrote bias, i have been predicting mainly on this program that the so-called mainstream media, the television networks are becoming less and less relevant by the day. if we have this discussion next year, they will be even less relevant than they are today, as it pertains to our close personal friend bob schieffer, like you, i believe every word he said. i believe he was on vacation. and i believe he didn't know anything about the story. the reason he doesn't know anything about the story. and this goes to your question about yesterday versus today in the media, is because the story wasn't in the "new york times" that is the only world bob schieffer and all the other bob schieffers live in. if it's not in the "new york
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times" they don't know about it you can have a meteorite breaking through the atmosphere killing 20,000 people on bob schieffer's block in washington. if it isn't in the "the washington post" or the "new york times," he doesn't know that it really happened. a year ago, a year ago charlie gibson, then of abc news was asked by a chicago radio station about the acorn tapes. everybody knew about the acorn tapes. charlie gibson said, i was on vacation, right? i was on vacation, and i don't know anything about it. that story wasn't in the "new york times" either. bill, these people the bob sheefers, charlie gibson they fancy themselves sophisticated and worldly. they don't know anything if it's not in their bible. the "new york times." that's why schieffer was so totally clueless about.
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this. >> bill: what about howard kurtz on cnn saying fox is pushing the story in a kind of inside way on every hour. and his own guy. the very day that cutters on kurtz on cnn is saying. this his own guy says you know what? we totally blew this story. does howard not read his own newspaper or do you think he disagrees with the ombudsman. >> i think during the segment he mentioned the ombudsman at the post. i think he said that let me answer your question. of all the media, the people who write about the media, howard kurtz is certainly one of the best. i mean, a lot of the others are total bozos and i don't mean howard is not a total bozo. he is good for the most part. he should not have said and i think he would agree, frankly, he should have always said you always know a story when fox is pushing it. it's not a matter of pushing it. it's a matter of fox also pushed the van jones story. fox also pushed the acorn story
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on both of those the "new york times" public editor slapped the newspaper around for not covering them just as the "new york post" public editor did it on sunday. >> bill: why isn't kurtz getting the memo that's directed right at him? look, kurtz, his history is not being kind to this network. now, i don't have any action to grind with him. he is on cnn. i understand that okay. but he continues to push this fallacy that we are in business to promote the republican party and to promote a republican agenda. that's why we are in business. according to howard kurtz we are not in business to promote the news. my contention and i think your contention is that we report the news better, better certainly than cnn which is going right down the drain, okay? and the "the washington post," which misses story after story after story, seemingly because of ideological reasons. you know, so, i guess kurtz is just not getting that.
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>> no. he still, i want to emphasize, he is still better than the bozo s who cover the media for lots of other papers. having said that we are in a transition period. the old media isn't totally dead yet but it's dying. it really is dying. and howard still thinks, i guess, howard still thinks that the "the washington post," the "new york times," the networks, that's the mainstream and fox is not the mainstream. >> bill: right. >> here's the news. no, no. fox has become the main stream. >> bill: there is a new sheriff in town. i'm going to have to arrest howard kurtz. in the aforementioned "the washington post," there is an article about u.s. intelligence and how disorganized it is. you can read the article, ladies and gentlemen, i don't have a beef with the article at all, none. i think the two arthurs --
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authors are trying to paint a picture it's become too big. william arkin was the guy a few years ago who accused our military in iraq of being mercenaries, having fabulous perks. markson a despicable human being was suspended because of that we caught up with arkin, roll the tape. >> mr. arkin, can we talk about some of the comments you made. >> can you leave me alone. >> no we would like to talk to you for a second. how could you say what you said? don't you think that was hurtful and harmful. >> bill: arkin is back and his name is on that article. what do you think? >> i think for the most part the story is about how big and clumsy and inefficient the bureaucracy is in the intelligence community. and you and i have no problem with that. but if i'm dana priest, the main reporter on the story, she pulitzer prize winner. she is very, very good. she is very, very serious. i don't think i would want to share a bi-line with the guy who
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called american troops in iraq mercenaries and who is seen by many people as not a middle of the road journalist but as a left-wing antiwar journalist. i don't think you would want to share your by line with that person. >> bill: it taints the article and makes everyone suspicious of it. >> it taints the article, exactly. >> bill: why do you think the post put him back on a front page assignment? >> i am guessing if this is a two year investigation, who knows he may have come up with this story. he certainly has a lot of contacts. >> bill: true. i don't have any beef with arkin on the op ed page. if he wants to do that crazy op ed stuff there but on page 1? >> here is what editors at the like the "new york times" and the "the washington post" are unaware of all the other things. like the black panthers, they are unaware of arkin, really. >> bill: or sympathize with his point of view.
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>> bill: human zone segment tonight, implications for the country is huge if indeed the american press have been compromised as we have been discussing. joining us is brit hume. you are going on vacation in august, right? >> you bet. >> bill: are you going to venus, too? [ laughter ] >> i'm bound to say this that bernie's point about the "new york times" is very well taken. there was a time, you know, in my years as a reporter in iowa washington when i was off on vacation. one paper i felt i had to read every day was the "new york times" because i could count on it protecting me from not
8:21 pm
knowing about some important story. that's not true anymore. it hasn't been true for years. even more than a decade. nowadays, if i get around to the "new york times" at all, it is among the very last things i read because it isn't reliable. and it isn't necessary so you believe shaffer and i believe him. >> die, too. >> bill: he comes back and is he interviewing the attorney general of the united states. you know how these things go, you have done these shows, you have got a staff. cbs has got a big staff saying okay, here is what is in play. here is what is in the thing. schieffer still doesn't know anything about this story. according to -- it's staggering. >> brit: when i was managing editor in washington one of the things i got warkd hard at is to get other people in the media to news digest every day. had you to look elsewhere and cast a wider net.
8:22 pm
you couldn't rely on publications or you would miss stories that were interesting. you would wind up repeating what they were doing when is often not the major news of the day in my view. that's a discipline that i think has not been imposed in the newsrooms of the media outlets themselves. >> bill: it really is stunning at this point. cbs news still is big. i mean, i think we have eclipsed them and all the other network news influence but they are still big. now, on the arkin front, william arkin, unbelievable left wing bomb thrower. page 1, "new york post" story, along with dana priest. >> "the washington post." >> bill: "the washington post" story, along with dana priest. i thought it was decently reported. i don't have a beef with it as i said. arkin, i have a huge beef with it, how do you see it? >> i was surprised at the way the post treated him. this is not, you know, the front page of their outlook section which is their opinion and commentary section. this was the front page of the newspaper today. this story had been promoted and
8:23 pm
behind for days ahead of time. and side by side with dana priest, who is, whatever you may think of her, is a veteran correspondent washington. she is a reporter. in the standard conventional sense of that word. bill arkin has never been that he came out of human rights watch, green peace, the institute for policy studies, all left wing organizations. he has been a defense intellectual of the left for many, many years. he has written -- the post said he had been a reporter and columnist for them. he may have written columns for them. to my knowledge, he has never been a reporter for the "the washington post" or any other newspaper. and among the things he said, for example, this was when we were about -- in the onset of the war in iraq. quote, and i can't help but feel cynical about the fact that we are going to war to enhance the economic interest of the enron class. that's pretty strong medicine for someone who is to later be treated by the "the washington post" as a, quote, reporter.
8:24 pm
i don't think so. >> bill: so why would the "the washington post" risk its reputation by giving this guy this kind of platform and assignment? >> brit: well, my guess is that he was kind of the guide on this story. look, say this for -- he is not ignorant of what goes on in the. he knows a lot. is he deeply interested in it he studies it. undoubtedly he has contacts and he picks up things in the defense and intelligence areas. problem with him is that he doesn't know a lot. the problem is that he has an action to grind. what you do if somebody like this comes to you with a story, if you are ordinary garden variety reporter is you check it out, you make it your own eventually. develop source of your own to verify what he is saying. what you don't do is make him your co-reporter and share a by line with hill. that's very unusual by the standards that i came one. >> bill: the obama administration didn't like this story. obviously it doesn't reflect well on them to have this huge
8:25 pm
out-of-control intelligence apparatus, and that's the many thrust of the story that cost a fortune and nobody knows, you know, what they are doing. and they can't crosscheck them. and it's completely out of control. so arkin actually turned on his own by making the obama administration look like they can't handle the u.s. intelligence apparatus. >> brit: look. i don't know whether he voted for barack obama or not, or whether he is obama same pa theismaner. what i do think about arkin is he is a person who has been a very strong critic of the u.s. military and intelligence establishments. and that is where his opinions and his feelings run. he is, you know, broadly, loosely speaking, antimilitary. and, of course, most of the intelligence we generate is military. so that's where he is coming from. i don't know that he is pro obama or not. >> bill: last question. i submitted in the talking points memo that, you know, we pretty much have taken over. we, the fox news channel, as the most powerful agency, news agency in the country.
8:26 pm
because we cover things americans, most americans are concerned about. while the old guard ignores them for whatever reason. do you think i'm overstating that? >> no. i don't, bill. i think that there is no doubt about it. i mean, the public's response to the fox news channel has been such that, you know, the maybe stream media outlets really ought to look at it and say these people are doing something right and maybe we ought to get with it you know what i thought, bill, i always feared and believed in the early going that if we ever get a foot hold with the audience and began to succeed and audience began to grow that the other media outlets would say we are doing something right. we ought to emulate them. i don't think that's happened. i think they have gone the other way. msnbc has gone completely in the other direction and has become a network of pure opinion. cnn certainly hasn't changed really its approach to the news to react what we have done the kind of stories we have pursued. pursued the stories everyone is doing and doing them in a different way and so on. it's been a striking reality.
8:27 pm
it is to their detriment that they haven't and the fact that they haven't awaken to the new reality is that our competitive advantage remains. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. while the federal government is suing arizona. it's not taking any action against san francisco and other sanctuary cities to fail to enforce federal immigration law. we will discuss it with juan and mary katharine. president obama says the republican party is hurting millions of unemployed americans. karl roe will respond. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ned an l.a. getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use oucard. no matter at we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer introducing the venture card from capital one with double miles on everyurchase every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ] what's in your wallet?
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, while the justice department is suing the state of arizona over its new anti-illegal alien law it, has for years ignored sanctuary cities like san francisco and houston that refused to enforce federal immigration law. that is if local authorities there in those cities apprehend illegal aliens they do not tell homeland security as they are required to do. why aren't those cities being sued? joining us now from washington fox news analyst mary katharine ham and juan williams. why aren't they being sued, juan. >> you want them to go after the little guy. these are catholic priests, people who are running homeless shelters. and to so, to me, it's not going to impact anything in terms of the reality of dealing with the overwhelming number of undocumented immigrants in the country. >> bill: look, i understand your point you don't want to be kicking down doors and dragging out guys who harbor illegal alien notice church basement. i don't think that's what the law says. the law says in san francisco
8:31 pm
and houston when you have an alien, illegal alien involved with the police for some reason, either a crime or a traffic stop, a dui, whatever it may be, that they have to give the feds a heads up, so the fed's data bank is k. see how bad these guys really are you are telling me, juan, that the sanctuary cities are within their rights to deny that information to the american public? come on. >> no. what you have got is a small number here, bill, of people who are held in sanctuary. in fact, in the case of utah, for example, there was some state workers who decided they were going to send out lists of people who might be undocumented residents of the country. turns out they are sending out people who -- >> bill: do you subscribe to these sanctuary city policies, juan? do you think they are okay? >> yeah, for the most part. i think those are people who are acting on principle. >> bill: so if my principle says that i can use heroin for whatever reason and i act on it, that's okay with you juan
8:32 pm
williams? >> no, come on. >> bill: you choose to obey the law based upon your principle? what do you say mary katharine. >> no. i say people who take principles should be respected. >> bill: they are breaking federal law, juan. okay? go ahead mary katharine. >>this is about the rationale of the justice contempt. these laws in arizona is going to cause patchwork of states taking this up issue and interif we're federal law. it restates federal law as state law. sanctuary cities have promised to violate a federal law and not report illegals to the federal government. so on the obama administration's behalf, this doesn't make a lot of sense because they are saying that one interferes with and the other one doesn't. >> bill: bush did the same thing for eight years. >> no. i think there was an issue there. he also wasn't going off and suing arizona. so it's a matter. >> bill: under the tough guy attorney generals that they had. gonzalez and the missouri guy ashcraft. >> my issue is not with suing the sanctuary cities. it's with the inconsistency of
8:33 pm
what the obama administration is doing. according to their preferences they say this interferes with federal law while breaking this federal law. >> bill: could fall on its face but it has been the policy of the united states government for 20 years not to go after sanctuary cities at all. and i think that that makes a mockery, juan, it makes a mockery out of the law. look, if you don't like the law, then change it on capitol hill. change it. >> fine. >> bill: but don't give me this principle -- people of principle because you could do that with w. any law. i don't like the law i believe it should be this way. so don't bother me. come on. >> but you are ignoring a huge difference between these two. in the case of the sanctuary cities, it has no impacted on u.s. foreign policy. >> bill: yeah it does. it encourages people to come to san francisco, chicago, houston, l.a. >> no, no. >> immigration law because they know what happens they will be protected. of course it has to do with the national security. >> no.
8:34 pm
here's the deal, bill, you have an immigration policy in this country that's not working. the federal government. >> well, change it. >> the federal government has not acted. >> bill: change it? >> why haven't they acted though? because the hard line on the right in this country says any effort to deal with the fact we have got 10 or 12 million people illegally here amounts to amnesty and you are giving it away to these people bill bill it doesn't matter what if congress would pass a decent law. go ahead, catherine. >> the republican politicians are paralyzed because of fear that the right wing is going to beat them up if they agree to any kind of a deal. >> bill: i don't know about being paralyzed about fear or not. if you get a decent bill americans would support a decent bill. >> diveels on a lot of issues instinct is totally out of step with the american people. juan is talking about the far right. when you talk about the arizona law and there is like 60%, major majorities of the measure people support the law and don't support the suing of arizona over it.
8:35 pm
so, they are having to deal with this die dichotomy and trying to figure out where they stand and throwing a bone at the troops. the fact is people don't trust the federal government to secure the border, with good reason, which is why they don't want to go ahead and open up comprehensive immigration. >> bill: comprehensive law a tough border stance they would get it through but they haven't been able to do that. >> here is the point the two of you are missing. the police are not supposed to stop illegals from coming into this country. that's the business of the federal government. >> bill: juan, let me break this to you. i have got to go. you are so misguided. i know it's hot in d.c. but you have got to take a walk. here is what the policeman date is in every city and county of the united states to protect the population. i want to be protect from people who are here and not doing the right thing while they are here. i want to be protected from those people and there are a lot of them floating around. and they are protected by -- >> the people you need to be protected from are not all
8:36 pm
illegal immigrants. let me tell you i need to be protected from attorney general eric holder because he doesn't know what he is doing. when we come right back president obama hurting americans. ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in a personal story segment tonight, right now there are 14.6 million people unemployed in this country. and some of them are receiving unemployment insurance. but for 2.5 million unemployed americans, that insurance has run out. president obama wants to extend the benefits but is being blocked by some republicans in the senate. >> these leaders in the senate who are advancing a misguided notion that emergency relief somehow discourages people from looking for a job should talk to these folks. that attitude, i think, reflects a black of faith in the american people. it's time to stop holding workers laid off in this recession hostage to washington politics. it's time to do what's right. not for the next election. but for the middle class. >> bill: if passed extension would cost an estimated $34 billion. with us now republican and fox news analyst karl rove.
8:40 pm
would you extend the benefits? would you vote to. >> i think they ought to be extended the exact same way they were extended last fall. paid for. president obama last fall asked for the congress and the congress passed extension of unemployed benefits paid for. this extension he is asking for them not to pay for. >> bill: how did they pay for them last fall. >> they found savings. in fact, the republican majority, the republican minority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky has proposed a bill to extend the unemployment benefits and paying for them, i believe by using unspent stimulus moneys. >> bill: okay. so you find the money somewhere else by their cutting a program or stuff that hasn't been spent and you bring it over and you extend and that's what you would do? >> right. >> bill: president obama doesn't want to do that, why? >> i don't know. because it was -- he insisted on it last fall. he has added $1.2 trillion in debt to the country's ledgers since then and now he says we shouldn't paid for it what is interesting is that straw man argument where he says republicans doesn't want to have unemployment insurance. almost doubles the number of
8:41 pm
unemployment spells lasting more than three months. if unemployment insurance were eliminated the unemployment rate would drop by more than half a percentage point. larry summers, the president's council of economic advisors chief. >> bill: when did he say that? >> he said that in the concise encyclopedia 2008. 19th of july. it's available on the internet. >> bill: maybe that's why we haven't heard anything from if there mr. summers in about a year. all right. so this is an issue, where the republicans, i believe, have not stated their case clearly because i have to tell you i didn't know what you just said. i don't want to sound like bob schieffer. i wasn't on vacation. but did i not know that this mandate, the republicans would support if it was funded. now, that's my fault. okay? but i think some republican might have said it a little clearer so that even i could pick it up so that's the republican's deficit in my opinion. the democrat deficit is that mr. obama is demagoguing the issue by saying mean republicans
8:42 pm
want 2.5 million people to just go float and that's not really the case. >> no, it's not. in fact, not only that but senator dianne feinstein, democrat of california said on june 16th, quote: we have 99 weeks of unemployment insurance. the question comes how long do you continue that before people don't go back to work at all? this carries it to 126 weeks. >> bill: feinstein. matt baucus. quote, you can't go on forever. i think 99 weeks is sufficient. senator >> where are we now. >> 99 weeks want to carry it to 126 weeks. >> bill: at 99 now and want to go through 126. >> bill: republicans say if yes if they can find the money. >> he doesn't want to find the money just wants to borrow it? >> correct. out of the stimulus money, 862 stimulus money as of today according to
8:43 pm
425 billion has been spent. >> bill: he has the money if he wanted it. >> there are other pay-fors as well. >> bill: doesn't it strike you as being inexplicable understanding the president is under pressure with the debt and deficit. he has to understand that continues to mount the debt and deficit when he has other things that he can do. doesn't it strike you as kind of crazy? >> yeah. but, remember, i think his attitude is i can bluff my way through this. >> bill: why we want to bluff it? >> think about this. because he is look at the photographs you had of those three people out there today. by my calculation, a couple of them have not even run up to the 99 weeks. remember he said one of them lost their job in march. >> bill: why we want to bluff it if he can find the money in the stimulus package that hasn't been spent and mute -- the -- >> he doesn't want to go back to congressional democrats and saying i admit i made a mistake by letting you spend all that deficit money unwisely. i made a mistake by having a stimulus that was supposed to
8:44 pm
work in 2009 have less than half the money spent a year and a half later. a lot of things about barack obama's leadership don't add up to me. >> bingo. >> bill: it's not ideological play on my part. you don't like him because you are a republican and you want smaller government and you want a different kind of leadership and i respect that. okay? and a lot of the areas i agree. but i watch this guy put together a campaign that outsmarted the clinton machine every step of the way. now i'm watching him governor and do things that i feel are just plain dumb. not that he is dumb. >> that his people are dumb. >> i'm not getting why he wants to bluff it out when he has got the cash to cover. >> look, don't ask me to explain him. >> bill: but you are the smartest guy. if i can't go to you, yoda. if i can't go to yoda, who can i go to. >> let me give you yoda-like
8:45 pm
observations. don't overestimate the campaigns. he was running against one of the most dismal campaigns we have ever seen. >> bill: weighs shrewd. >> he was not as shrewd because he was running against a lousy campaign. >> bill: that was mccain. >> no clinton was too. clinton was dreadful campaigner. here is the second issue, is my disagreements with the president are sometimes ideological but there are sometimes he diminishes the presidency when he goes out there and does something like he did today. last december he insisted that unemployment extension be paid for. >> bill: and now he is not. >> bill: i don't get it. >> he is instead turning around and blaming the republicans for simply saying mr. president we want to hold you to the staple standard you did last fall which is paid for it. >> bill: he has the money. i have got to go. but the way we presented this is not going to be the way it's presented in the other media so therefore the president can get away with it. >> sure, absolutely. >> bill: all right, mr. rove, thanks very much. next on the rundown, vice
8:46 pm
president biden on the tea party. is there racism in the department of agriculture. and tiger woods on his golf game. reality they can moments away. -- reality check moments away. i'm a random windstorm. shaky! shaky! d if you named your own price on car insurance, you could be picking up this tab yourself. so get allstate. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, i just told him, build a car you're proud of. of course, winning's not bad either. subaru. the only manufacturer with 2010 iihs top safety picks
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for all models. isn't it nice when honest virtues win?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we fervently embrace the truth. check one, speaking at an naacp event in march, department of agriculture official shirley share rod was caught on tape saying something very disturbing. seems a white farmer in georgia had requested government assistance from sherrod.
8:50 pm
>> bill: wow. well, that is simply unacceptable. and ms. sherrod must resign immediately. the federal government cannot have skin color any assistance. we will keep you posted. the full transcript of ms. sherrod's remarks is posted on big check 2. vice president biden was asked about the naacp's racist theme regarding the tea party. >> i wouldn't characterize the tea party as racist. there are individuals who are either members of or in the periphery of some of their things, their protests that have expressed really unfortunate comments. and, again, it was all over tv, all your network. black congressman walking up the stairs of the capitol. but, i don't believe. the president doesn't believe that the tea party is a racist organization. >> bill: one footnote the tea party has now expelled activist
8:51 pm
mark williams from its ranks after williams posted a racial satire letter on his web site. we have invited mr. williams to appear tomorrow on the factor. check three, we told you oceanic atmospheric association this june was the hottest june ever recorded. worldwide temperature was 1 degree above the average which is pretty big. check 5, golfer tiger woods not playing very well. >> woods has missed that. [sigh] >> the wood is blowing from the right. he doesn't believe the ball should go that way. i believe they get to the situation concerned about the wind, strength of the wind. is it going to effect the ball [bleep], [bleep]. that it doesn't [bleep] firmly
8:52 pm
as you might do. and you miss [bleep] >> he is running hot. >> bill: that was woods' cursing, not the announcers. check 6, here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked you which is the most boring? 42% of the 30,000 who voted said lindsay lohan is the dullest. lebron james and the world cup tie for second. each at 29%. thank you y'all for participating in that poll. check 7, move over lady gaga. justin bieber has passed you for most viewed video on youtube ♪ what are you saying ♪ that there is another ♪ look right in my eye ♪ my first love ♪ broke my heart for the first time ♪ and i was like baby, baby ♪ oh. >> bill: doesn't he look like an
8:53 pm
early beatle with that hair cut? sounds like very early michael jackson. his video has been viewed by more than 250 million clickers. about the same as the factor. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck featuring barney frank and cathy griffin. right back with p and p. it is the promise that compels us to make the journey from wonder to discovery. the science of chemistry, our guide. the human element, our conscience. and to make this journey, we have become the new order of hunters and gatherers. finding answers in the elements. and a way forward illuminated by hope.
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and kathy griffin. but first the first exclusive interview on the website just for you guys is now posted. miss megyn kelly in the spotlight grilled by me. stuff you don't know from watching her report the news at 1 p.m.. again this interview just for premium members. we think it will make you happy. premium members get double discounts on our summer sales. this pen we are giving it to you. check it out on now the mail. gary: thank you for reporting the black panther voter intimidation story. years ago all the media would have reported it, not now >> forget how newsweek cover the story if anyone is guilty of disguising the story and propaganda it is fox news. paul: you are correct what was once
8:57 pm
a serious news source is a left wing version of people. eric: i'm offended that you criticized david graham because of his age i'm 24 and fully capable of political commentary. my criticism has to do with his inexperience eric. hired by newsweek a few months ago already peppering. this guy totally botched at signment and delivered an unfair assessment to newsweek readers. >> o'reilly, you wanted proof that you are giving obama a pass. glenn beck produced facts about obama's black theology beliefs and you dismissed them. it is possible the president has been ed by that theology but there are no facts to support any contention that he's subverting this country by using theological beliefs of any kind that is an opinion, an opinion. if you want to believe it that
8:58 pm
is your right. bev: bill love the fact tour scaring me. watch glen and learn. i will. rubin: it is unfair of glenn beck to associate michelle obama's dessert comments with the nanny state she simply trying to get kids to slim down. >> you say you are not a sentimental person, i say you are a pussycat. don't go ruining my rep. a great beach read, very light you can put it in your -- so i'm told. finally pinheads and patriots comedienne kathy griffin recently call senator brown's young daughters, prostitutes. that prompted barney frank to write a letter to miss griffin and released it to the press. i wanted to make it clear i
8:59 pm
thought what you did was unfair and inappropriate the kind of thing that makes it less likely that i or others can cooperate with you in the future. is mr. frank a patriot for writing the letter? you make the call. the young actress ellen page starring in the movie inception. she was asked which people she would like to implant ideas into? >> dick cheney, sarah palin, maybe a little more -- a little seed of compassion or intelligence, maybe a little expansion of mind. maybe get rid of some of that fear that seems to be creating a lot of ignorance. bill: whatever! is miss page a pinhead? you make the call. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. we would like you to spout off about the factor. name a town if you wish to


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